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All our leathers are selected in tanneries that respect environmental standards. We make every effort to ensure the safety of its products and the absence of chemicals that could have a harmful effect on the health of customers or workshop employees. We demand compliance with REACH standards (European regulation entered into force in 2007 to secure the manufacture and use of chemicals in European industry.)

We select our leathers in Spanish, Italian and Moroccan tanneries.

We use, depending on the collections and their use, leathers from a mineral tanning or vegetable tanning process.

  • For excellent resistance and good flexibility, mineral tanning will be preferred.

  • For our "patinated" collections, vegetable leather will be more suitable.


Leather is a naturally durable material and which is, moreover, very well prepared by the different stages of tanning and finishing of the tanneries that we have selected.

All our leathers are therefore treated "leather goods", but regular maintenance will allow you to prolong its durability.

How to take care of the leather of our bags and travel items?

See the finish of our bags

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