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Leather care advice

All our leathers are treated for long-life "leather goods", but regular maintenance will allow you to prolong their durability.

To take care of your leather bags in mooth and grained leathers, the best advice we can give (except nubuck leather) is to feed it with a fluid and oily solution to preserve its mechanical qualities and prevent it from deteriorating. crack or stiffen.


This also constitutes a simple and effective first protection against aging and certain stains. Never scratch the surface of the leather with an abrasive object (sponge, fingernail, etc.), this will damage it. Use a chamois instead!

  • 1st step, clean the leather using a sponge or a slightly damp cloth to remove dust, then let it air dry.

  • 2nd step, Put a little moisturizing milk on the 1st cloth and gently massage all the surfaces of the bag, including the corners. Renew the milk on the cloth as needed. Take a break again to let the fat soak in.

  • 3rd step: Then pass on the leather, always gently, the 2nd soft, dry and clean cotton cloth (or an absorbent paper like "kitche towels") to remove the excess fat (only if necessary) .



For nubuck leathers, it is necessary to brush them with a suitable brush and waterproof with a product suitable for your frequency of use, or weather conditions. Be aware that talc or baking soda that you brush gently is a good (and inexpensive) way to remove a greasy stain.

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