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The first boutique dedicated to quality travel accessories that respect the highest human and environmental values.

Let's reverse the trend, stop the cycle of short-life product consumption. Let’s fight against the manufacture of low-quality products, which have a purposely limited lifespan and  do not respect the men and women who make them.


Let's become responsible consumers again.


We are driven by our passion for leather goods, beautiful materials, sustainable products and the artisans who make them.


We focus on creating the finest quality travel bags and accessories without compromising on our values. We also promote products from specially selected third party manufacturers and designers whose standards match our own.


Our commitment to our customers and community is to always place our values before margin:

  • Respect for the workers who manufacture the products we sell.

  • Quality of the items we offer.

  • Respect for the environment by producing long lasting items made in a sustainable manner

“After spending 20 years at the service of the big luxury houses, Thomas and I decided to launch a company with the vision to give consumers access to quality products, ethical with controlled prices, without the obsession of the disastrous "margin based production" ...

Throughout my travels, I have seen too many products made in countries that do not respect our values, abusing human resources, using poor quality leathers, without any passion for design and which unfortunately are found in many stores around the world.

My great-grandmother had a motto: "You have to be rich to buy cheap products" She was already sensing a commercial drift! "



“Since the start of my career, I have been immersed in digital marketing and have surfed the various solutions provided by the internet. Today more than ever we all rely on digital channels to make ourselves known.


I am passionate about respecting human and environmental values both in my personal life and work.


The strength of our two complementary experiences made the association with Vincent a no brainer.”


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