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Our Large Travel Bags

Discover all our large travel bags. The size of our large travel bags is ideal for long weekends or extended stays. If you are looking for a travel bag for 2-day weekends or short stays, we recommend our weekend bags that you will find on weekend travel bags page. All our bags are unique and exclusive, the design of the bags is made in our workshops in Annecy, the leathers come from European and Moroccan tanneries. The materials are selected based on quality criteria to create flawless bags. See the finish of our bags

Size large travel bags:

  • Length: 54cm

  • Width: 28cm

  • Height: 29cm

  • Empty weight: 1.4Kg

  • Volume: 41L


Monsacdevoyage offer luxury travel bags perfectly suited for private jets journeys. is a luxury travel bag boutique, which is offering unique travel items to passengers who like to travel in style. You can add a touch of elegance and personalise your bag with your initials. Since the beginning of the covid pandemic, private jet travel continued growing and was much less impacted than the commercial flight industry. Private jets allow consumers to travel with minimal interaction with other people on the flight and at the airport, therefore providing safer hygiene measures. Monsacdevoyage leather travel bags are ideal for private jet travels. The volume of these travel bags fit in any small plane carrier baggage holds. You can also check our collection of computer sleeves to match your travel bag.